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Concerts, Recitals, Latin American Pops Symphonic work, Master Classes, Voice-overs

Juanita’s new voice recital-concert show
Hispanic Vocal Lessons

Recitals, Concerts & Special Appearances

Juanita offers voice recitals, concerts, lecture recitals, Master Classes and symphonic appearances on Spanish, Latin American and Mexican Classical and folkloric music, also covering the mariachi voice through her work creating the Operachi style. Her recitals can cover folkloric Trova music from the Yucatan to Cuba as easily as boleros and songs by women composers from Peru, Mexican and all over Latin America, or a program of original bilingual music for children, parents and teachers to get them singing in Spanish. Her background as an ethnomusicologist provides learning with the song!

Ms. Ulloa loves highlighting the roots & evolution of the mariachi voice through Classical Spanish art song, Spanish Zarzuela, Bellini's bel canto, Mexican & Latin American art song and mariachi classics. Whether appearing with guitarist, mariachi, symphony or alone on piano, she demonstrates the inexorable link between dance, music and song in her performances.

Master Classes and Teaching

Ms Ulloa holds MA and BA music degrees from Yale University & UC Berkeley, and teaches private Classical, Latin American & Mariachi voice, piano, ethnomusicology and basic music appreciation classes, plus Accent Modification, for those wishing to change their sound. She currently teaches at Texas State University (San Marcos, Texas) and Northwest Vista College (San Antonio), and has taught at San Francisco State University, Laney College. Ms. Ulloa tours to offer Master Classes in Mexican & Latin American Classical, Mariachi or Folk music vocal styles at performance venues & universities. Her course, Vocal Power for speaker, interpreters & teachers, is also offered nationally and in Mexico City.


Juanita LOVES to mold her voice to your needs. She works in either Spanish, English or bilingually. Juanita's voice is often used as a narrator or announcer in commercials, CD-Roms, voice activated computer and phone products and industrials. Her projects include Bank of America, Monterey Bay Aquarium, Mailboxes etc., Sensory, The Learning Company, Silver Burdett Ginn, Creativity, Leapfrog and advertising agencies, to name a few.


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